Persistence and the Fallacy of Ease

We live in a strange time. Never before in history has there been a cultural view that if you’re doing things right they”ll be easy. Or that difficulty is a sign that you are either dumb, or that people and the fates are against you. These feelings are powerful  but in some sense they are just an illusion. The real … Read more

Report Cards

It’s report card time in a lot of schools. This can be a time of great joy. It’s also a time of great frustration. What do you do when you have given something your all and you still end up failing. It feels like a moment of defeat. Your stomach feels sick and you are afraid that you’re going to … Read more

Mindset Matters or Why Mistakes Are the Only Way Our Brains Grow

mindset matters

Mindsets. We all have one. Atually, we all have many mindsets and what those mindsets are depends on what it is we are thinking about. I have been learning about mindsets in an online class that I have been taking. There are two primary categories of mindsets. Fixed mindset or Growth mindset. A fixed mindset says that our talents, abilities, … Read more

Why People Hate Math

people hate math

  This is my assignment, to do a mind map for an online course that I am taking. It was interesting to listen to what others had to say about their feelings on math, even top tier scientists and realize that I had a lot of excellent company, from all walks of life, sharing my feelings. To learn more about … Read more

Summer Reading Slump…

summer reading

Continuing in the Summertime theme I want to write a little bit about the summer reading slump. To be truthful, I am not a staunch believer that we can forget what we have truly learned quite that quickly. But that’s another article. With that caveat, i do believe that there is one big activity that can help maintain your child’s … Read more

The Power of Rest for Renewal.

Welcome to summer vacation. A time of rest and a time of renewal. Even if you loved school I am convinced that we need time away from formal learning to let our brains rest and process what we were taught. We need time to play without demands or expectations of achievement. As the summer starts for students and teachers alike … Read more

Excellence: It’s Not About Discipline or Willpower!

discipline and willpower

Excellence is not about discipline or willpower. Every day we hear someone going off about the need for self discipline, for willpower, in our behaviors so that we can reach our potential. As a student, I can’t tell you the number of times I heard some adult go on about that. Nor can I tell you the number of times … Read more

Oooops, I missed yesterday’s post or what to do when you didn’t do what you were supposed to do when you were supposed to do it.

I missed posting yesterday. I could go into all of the justifications, and there are a few, but thing is, I’d set myself a goal to be consistent so I could build a habit and I missed a deadline. I have a few ways, at least, to approach this event. Here are some of the obvious ones. You may see … Read more