Welcome to the web site for The Tutoring Company. The Tutoring Company is a privately run tutoring service offering both online and face to face tutoring. For people looking to work with Beth at her office, I am located in Corpus Christi, TX. Online tutoring uses Skype and an online whiteboard to communicate and practice.

The mission of The Tutoring Company is to help students gain the confidence, content knowledge, and learning skills they need to do the best they can in school and in life. Tutoring sessions are developed to meet the needs of each student because learning is an individual thing.

Tutoring is a powerful service that  can help your child feel better about themselves, about their abilities, about school, and about learning in general.

Tutoring can help bridge gaps of understanding in subject matter so that your child has a firm foundation to build on.

Tutoring helps reduce stress in the family because your child is working with a neutral party. Children want so much to please and impress parents that when they are not catching on fast enough, they will often shut down so they don’t they look or feel “dumb”. Being angry is safer than being dumb. Angry will pass but dumb is forever in the mind of a student. Good tutors address, and redirect, this feeling.

Tutoring improves grades because good tutors teach both subject knowledge and learning skills. Learning skills are transferable to other subjects. Learning skills build confidence within students because they help them “unstick” themselves when the student becomes confused. After all, who doesn’t like the feeling of having figured it out on their own?

The knowledge and skills that good tutors provide to students will stick with those students for a lifetime.

The Tutoring Company specializes in teaching Math, Science and Writing to students 5th grade and above. We also offer Academic Coaching services. Check out our offerings page.

Leave me your name and contact information on the form to the right so I can send you more information about our services. I promise I won’t sell or share your email because your privacy is important to me.